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Thesis 1

Thesis Title: The Bunting Manuscripts
Degree Type: PhD
Degree Specialism: Musicology
Supervisor(s): Dr Micheal O Suilleabhain/ Dr Paul Everett
Thesis Status: Accepted
Date Submitted / Accepted: 1995
Institution Submitting / Submitted To: University of Limerick
No. of Volumes (no. of pages): 3
Thesis Location / Link: The Library, University of Limerick
Persons / Composers: Edward Bunting
Genres / Musical Instruments: Harp Music
Related Institutions: Belfast Harp Festival
Related Places: Belfast, Dublin
Time Frame: 1773-1843
Key Issues / Concepts: The Nature of Gaelic Harp Music

Contact Details

Current Institution Affiliation: Waterford Institute of Technology
Public Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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