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Thesis 1

Thesis Title: Opera at the Theatre Royal, Dublin 1821-1841: Full steam ahead for Carl Rosa and Company
Degree Type: MA
Degree Specialism: Musicology
Supervisor(s): Dr Barra Boydell
Thesis Status: Accepted
Institution Submitting / Submitted To: NUI, Maynooth
Abstract: Design: The introduction comprises a literature review of musicological material related to the subject of opera in nineteenth-century Ireland. The main body is an overview of all types of operatic production taking place at the Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin from its opening in 1821 for a period of twenty years. The final chapter focuses on three years of previously unrecorded opera production at the Theatre Royal 1839-1841.
Findings: The identification of two distinct stages within the period under discussion: 1821-1828 and 1829-1841. Stage 1 predominantly contains production of English ballad and comic opera, performed at the theatre by the stock company while Stage 2 sees the inclusion of travelling opera companies performing full opera seria on almost a yearly basis.
Conclusion: The considerable increase in both the production and variety of operatic entertainment during the 1820s and 1830s can be linked to major Irish transport developments at this time. The introduction of cross-channel steam-travel in the 1820s and rail-travel in the 1830s increased the accessibility of Dublin as a European city. These advances paved the way for the subsequent phase of opera in Ireland, where travelling companies such as the Carl Rosa Company featured regularly at the Theatre Royal.

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