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Thesis 1

Thesis Title: Machine annotation of traditional Irish dance music
Degree Type: MA
Degree Specialism: Music Technology
Supervisor(s): Prof. Brendan O'Shea, Dr. Mikel Gainza, Prof. Padraig Cunningham
Thesis Status: Accepted
Date Submitted / Accepted: 2009
Institution Submitting / Submitted To: Dublin Institute of Technology
Thesis Location / Link: http://arrow.dit.ie/sciendoc/71
Abstract: The work presented in this thesis is validated in experiments using 130 realworld field recordings of traditional music from sessions, classes, concerts and commercial recordings. Test audio includes solo and ensemble playing on a variety of instruments recorded in real-world settings such as noisy public sessions. Results are reported using standard measures from the field of information retrieval (IR) including accuracy, error, precision and recall and the system is compared to alternative approaches for CBMIR common in the literature.

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