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Thesis 1

Thesis Title: The Early Choral Works of Edward Elgar (1857-1934) in the Context of Late-Victorian British Idealism
Degree Type: PhD
Degree Specialism: Musicology
Supervisor(s): Dr. Martin Adams
Thesis Status: Accepted
Date Submitted / Accepted: 2013
Institution Submitting / Submitted To: Trinity College, Dublin
Persons / Composers: Elgar
Genres / Musical Instruments: Large choral works
Time Frame: 1890s
Key Issues / Concepts: Cultural history, British Empire, Adventure Literature
Abstract: The success of Elgar’s ‘Enigma’ Variations (1899) and The Dream of Gerontius (1900) have eclipsed the reputations of his substantial compositions of the preceding decade. In particular his choral works of the 1890s have received much less attention, both in scholarship and performance, than his later output. This thesis seeks to place those works in the contexts of Elgar's professional development, his rising reputation, and British cultural identity. This contextualisation is achieved partly by exploring why the composer chose certain topics for musical setting at this crucial stage of his career, and how he tailored those topics specifically for the choral festival audiences of late-Victorian Britain. The thesis looks briefly at the editorial and compositional methods used in the short oratorio The Light of Life (1896), and then in detail at Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf (1896) and Caractacus (1898) as manifestations of British idealism and Christian identity at the height of the British Empire. The ideological influence of H. A. Acworth, librettist of these last two, culturally significant cantatas, is central to this study.

Thesis 2

Thesis Title: Active Music-Making and Experience-Based Learning: Recommendations for Second-Level Music Education in Ireland based on Hungarian Practice
Degree Type: MA
Degree Specialism: Music Education
Supervisor(s): Prof. Sarolta Platthy
Thesis Status: Accepted
Date Submitted / Accepted: June 2008
Institution Submitting / Submitted To: Other
No. of Volumes (no. of pages): 1 (38pp.)
Approx. Word Count: c.12,000
Thesis Location / Link: Library of the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music, Kecskemét, Hungary
Persons / Composers: Zoltán Kodály
Time Frame: Present
Key Issues / Concepts: Application of Kodály approach to music education in Irish second-level schools
Abstract: This thesis presents a summary of the Kodály concept of music educations and suggests how the concept might be further applied in an Irish context

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Current Institution Affiliation: TCD

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