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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Baker, Antoinette MA
The eleven choral preludes of Johannes Brahms: an analytical survey
Bark, Brigitte MA
Musical Dilettante? Anna Amalia of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1739- 1807), Composer at the Weimar Court
Blunnie, Ailie MLitt
Passion and intellect in the music of Elizabeth Maconchy DBE (1907–1994)
Bourke, Alison N. MA
Where is my Music History?: The Absence of Female Composers from University Curricula and the Possible Effects on Potential Female Composers
Brady, Ciaran MA
Johannes Brahms: ein Deutsches Requiem. An analytical survey
Brady, Sue MA
The Songs of Sir John Andrew Stevenson
Breen, Maria MA
Dublin music traders and teachers, 1850-1875
Bridges, Brian PhD
Towards a perceptually-grounded theory of microtonality: Issues in sonority, scale construction and auditory perception and cognition
Brophy, Dermot MEd
Irish music education at the cross-roads: An investigation of the problems facing muscial education in Ireland, with proposed solutions
Bunzel, Anja PhD
Johanna Kinkel's Lieder Compositions as a Socio-Political and Cultural Mirror of Her Time
'Das Paradies und die Peri' von Robert Schumann: Untersuchung zur Rezeptionsgeschichte der 'Peri' in Dublin und Leipzig im Zeitraum von 1843-1854
Burke, Cathy MA
Louis Andriessen: De Staat
Burke, David MA
Béla Bartók's piano sonata as a prototype of a twentieth-century 'classical sonata'
Byrne, Catherine M. MLitt
Contradictions and synthesis in the late works of Béla Bartók
Byrne, James MA
Structural elements in the chamber music of Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
Carty, Brian PhD
Movements in Binaural Space: Issues in HRTF Interpolation and Reverberation, with applications to Computer Music
Sound localisation : A discussion and software implementation
Carty, Philip MA
Olivier Messiaen: 'Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus'. Their inspiration and representations
Cassidy, Leslie MA
Django Reinhardt (1910-1953): Gypsy in a jazz world
Collins, Paul PhD
The stylus phantasticus and its expression in free keyboard music of the north German baroque
The application of a concept of the 'stylus phantasticus' in the praeludia of Dietrich Buxtehude
Comiskey, Marie MA
The Evolution of the Piccolo as an Orchestral Instrument
Commins, Adčle PhD
Charles Villiers Stanford’s Preludes for Piano op.163 and op.179: A Musicological Retrospective
Conway, Eoin MLitt
Analysis of the music of John Adams
Costello, Emma MA
Paradigms of Irish music history
Cox, Siofra Catriona MA
Opera at the Theatre Royal, Dublin 1821-1841: Full steam ahead for Carl Rosa and Company
Cronin, Colette Anne MA
A perspective on independently releasing music
Cullen, Adam MLitt
Schubert's Chamber Music as a Road towards the Symphony
Cunningham, Carol MA
Selected eighteenth century anthems by composers at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Cunningham, Ingrid MA
Heinrich Bewerunge's arrangements and transcriptions of works by Palestrina
Cunningham, Oliver Patrick MA
Irish pop music in a global context
Curran, David M. MA
Totally natural: Staged authenticity, art and a requirement for perfect details in the music industry
Cutliffe, Caroline MA
Folksongs from the British and Irish Isles arranged by Benjamin Britten

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