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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Caldwell, Conor PhD
The Dance Music of John Doherty
Craig, Edward MA
The music of William Mathias
Crawley, Cormac PhD
Portfolio of Soundscape and Installation Based Music
Envirosoundometer: For Wind, Rain and Sunlight. The Development of an Interactive Audio Installation
Daly, Kieran A. MA
Lyra Ecclesiastica: bulletin of the Irish Society of St Cecilia
Dunlop, Alison PhD
Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770): A Companion to the Sources
Forcucci, Luca MA
The Third Kind: What You Hear Is Not What You See, Space As An Element Of Composition
Frame, Damian A. PhD
The Harmoniemusik of Georg Druschetzky (1745-1819)
Gault, Dermot R. PhD
Anton Bruckner's concept of the symphony as exemplified by his revisions of his Symphonies 3,4 and 8
Gilmore, W. Robert PhD
Harry Partch, the early vocal works, 1930-33
Gorry, Liam PhD
Handel and his Accompanied Recitatives
Graydon, Philip PhD
Richard Strauss's Die ägyptische Helena: Context and Contemporary Critical Reception.
Modernism in Ireland and its cultural context in the music and writings of Frederick May, Brian Boydell and Aloys Fleischmann
Guiden, Geraldine MA
The accordian works of Sofia Gubaidulina
Hamilton, Colin MA
Anon Missa 'Ma bouche rit' (vienNB11883): edition, commentary and contextual study
Harrison, Michael MA
Roberto Gerhard and the problem of the symphony
Hewitt, Vivien A. MPhil
The theatres of Leghorn between the Enlightenment and the Risorgimento 1782-1848
Johnston, Roy PhD
Concerts in the musical life of Belfast to 1874
Kelly, Elaine MA
The development of Alberto Ginastera's musical language
Kennedy, Ciaran PhD
Opera and orchestral music provision in Northern Ireland, 1945–1985
Lee, Michael PhD
“Il vero di tante meraviglie”: Tasso’s Armida and the power of fantasy in late seventeenth-century opera
Linehan, Robert Other
The Songs of Frank Bridge: Striking at the Roots of Tonality
McCormick, Susan PhD
Johann Christian Kittel and the Long Overlooked Multiple Bass Chorale Tradition
The Choralbuch of Johann Christian Kittel: Its significance in our understanding of Bach's legacy
McEvilly, John MA
Aesthetic concerns in the composition and reception of electronic music
McKee, Joseph PhD
The organ in Ulster, a survey
The choral foundation of Armagh cathedral : 1600-1870.
McMahon, Helen MA
Baroque compositional techniques in Dvorak's Latin choral music
McQueen, Rachel PhD
G.F. Handel and Charles Jennens: The Collaboration
Plummer, Declan PhD
'Music based on worth': The conducting career of Sir Hamilton Harty
Power, Karen PhD
Acoustic and Electroacoustic Composition
Original Analysis of Louis Andriessen's De Materie Part 1
Renwick, Robin PhD
Performing the Network - Strategies and Applications for a Network Sourced Approach to Network Music Performance
SourceNode: A Software Application for Network Music Performance
Stanley, Ruth PhD
A formative force: the BBC's role in the development of music and its audiences in Northern Ireland, 1924-39
Joan Trimble (1915-2000) and the Issue of her 'Irish' Musical Identity
Whitelaw, Bryan MPhil
Franz Liszt's Piano Sonata in B Minor: Context, Analysis and Hermeneutics

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