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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Burgess, Frances MA
Music of continuous and coherent change : musical structure and poetry in Elliott Carter's 'In sleep, in thunder'
Butler, Patrick Denis DPhil
By popular demand: Marketing change in the arts
Campbell, Gerard MA
Contempory west coast american music 1955-1975
Doherty, Jonathan PhD
Song form intelligence for repairing streaming music across wireless bursty networks
Doherty, Peter MA
A folio of original compositions plus critical commentary
Drennan, Jonathan R. J. PhD
The masses of Giovanni Rovetta : in two volumes
Graham,Richard PhD
Expansion of electronic guitar performance practice through the application and development of interactive digital music systems
Holliday, Barry T. D. MPhil
"Dieses Aufblitzen eines Tanzrhythmus hier und da" : dance music in selected operas by Richard Strauss
Irvine, Brian DPhil
Portfolio of music compositions and supporting commentary
Kulezic-Wilson, Danijela PhD
Composing on Screen: The Musicality of Film
Maguire, Paul PhD
Conditions of possibility: Changes in popular music culture and the development of Country & Irish music
McCann, Frances MA
Perspectives on selected recordings of the Rite of Spring (1960-1992)
McConnell, Geoffrey MA
Stanford's preoccupation with the organ sonata,1917-1918
McKnight, Mark PhD
Contemporary jazz guitar performance: perspectives on the development of improvisational language
McLaughlin, Noel DPhil
Pop and the periphery : nationality, culture and Irish popular music
McWilliams, Leona MA
Vaughan Williams, Stravinsky, Britten and the Latin Mass
Norby, Christopher PhD
Maintaining pleasure in composition; personal and philosophical issues affecting my work as a composer
Ross, Margaret MPhil
A folio of original compositions with commentaries
Sutton, Julie Patricia PhD
"The invisible handshake": An investigation of free musical improvisation as a form of conversation
Tomany, Aiveen A. MA
Gendering music : a case study of the Irish-American composer Jane O'Leary

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