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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Andrade, Alexandre MA
The development of the flute and its music in Portugal during the 18th century
Bailey, Emer MA
The Music and Politics of Alan Bush with Reference to the Application of his Socialist Principles to his Workers Choral Music and Songs between 1926 and 1939
Bennett, Geraldine MA
Play it by Ear? An exploration of the importance of music reading in piano lessons
Buckley, Angela MA
A Critical Edition of The Irish Music Manuscripts of Philip Carolan (c1839-1910)
Byrne, Leona MA
An investigation on the impact music tempos have on anaerobic running performance
Callinan, Bartholomew MA
A portfolio of six original compositions
Collins, Phillip MA
A folio of original compositions with detailed analysis
Dowling, Will MA
Folio of six original compositions
Doyle, Jennifer MA
A Critical Edition of Two 'Grand' Symphonies by Carl Stamitz (1745-1801)
Duggan, T. A. MA
A portfolio of six original compositions with detailed analyses
Dunne, Alan MA
A portfolio of six original compositions and detailed analysis
Edgeworth, Ruthie MA
Teaching music: A critical analysis of music education at primary level
Felton, Greg MA
Portfolio of original compositions for various performing groups with detailed analyses
Finnerty, Dawn MA
Irish contemporary harp music
Gallagher, Ruth MA
A Stylistic Examination of Shakespeares Texts Set for Solo Voice by Amy Beach, Elizabeth Maconchy and Madeleine Dring
Griffin, Eibhlin MA
Jean Sibelius & Rotational Form: Structural Aspects of Tapiola
Hanlon, Ben MA
A Folio of Original Compositions for Various Performing Groups with Detailed Analysis
Hayes, Helen MA
The role of the harpsichord in modern Irish music
Heeney, Eimear MA
Beethoven's Works for Violin and Piano
Hoare, David J. MA
A critical edition of the Wind Partita no. 1 by Paul Corneluis Hammerl. (1769-1839)
Horgan Goff, Angela PhD
Cultural Constructs of National Identity in Irish Saga-Inspired Musical Composition
Horgan, Angela MA
Janes Wilson's opera 'Grinning at the Devil' and other dramatic works
Kavanagh, Nora MA
'Regionalism' in pre-Revival Irish Traditional Flute Performing Styles: Fact or Fiction?
Lema, Germán MA
Portfolio of original compositions
Loughnane, Emma MA
Portfolio of six original works
MacAuliffe, Christopher MA
The forgotten voice: The Richard Henebry (1863-1916) collection of Irish music
Macken, Sarah MA
The flute music of Frederick II
Mackey, Stephen F. MA
A scholarly edition of Six Clarinet Quartets op. VII by Carl Stamitz
McCarthy, Sarah MA
Four parts of invention: A portfolio of compositions with accompanying analysis
McCormack, Patrick J. PhD
Portfolio of Original Works

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