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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Brown, Kieran Patrick MA
The political use of song lyric and verse in Irish nationalism 1900–1916
Casey, Aaron MA
'Better a stream than a torrent': are digital music subscription services viable?
Cox, Gareth PhD
Die Sätze für Soloklavier aus der Studienzeit Anton Weberns
Cullen, Emily PhD
Meanings and Cultural Functions of the Irish Harp as Trope, Icon and Instrument: The Construction of an Irish Self-Image
Cunningham, John PhD
Music for the Privy Chamber: Studies in the Consort Music of William Lawes (1602-45)
Un-masquing English Opera: Locke and Shirley's Cupid and Death
Dempsey, Sinead PhD
Aesthetic and Ideological Trends in the Reception of Mendelssohn's Music in Nineteenth-Century Germany
Fair, Doris Maul PhD
Billy's box: Material culture, musical idiom, and musicianship in Irish button accordion
Felfeli-Crawford, Karishmeh PhD
Pop as Parnassus? Music Theory, Analysis and One Direction.
Galyean, Crystal N. MA
Hanging the harp on the willow tree
Girardeau, Marie MA
L’Uilleann pipes, cornemuse Irlandaise: Caractéristiques de jeu et répertoire
Halpin, William PhD
The Wind Band in Mozart's Operas
Haynes, Julie BA
Nineteenth-century nationalist ballads: Constructs of Irishness in the nineteenth century and today
Hew, Sheaukang Other
Irish music in central Oklahoma: An ethnographic study
Hongsermeier, Joyce Elaine DMus
Kodaly-inspired musicianship training and the beginning piano student: integrating musical and technical skill development
Hughes, Willie MA
Cultural collision and the emergence of new musical traditions
Huss, Fabian Gregor PhD
The Chamber Music of Frank Bridge
Inspiration, Influence and Stylistic Development in the Symphonies and Concertos of E.J. Moeran
Hyland, Anne PhD
Tautology or Teleology? Towards an Understanding of Repetition in Franz Schubert's Instrumental Chamber Music
Kerlin, Jerry PhD
The transmission of song among the New York Irish: Teaching, learning, and Irish sensibility
Larkin, David PhD
Reshaping the Liszt-Wagner Legacy: Intertextual Dynamics in Strauss's Tone Poems
Wagner and Liszt: Musical Symbiosis in Action?
Mangaoang, Aine PhD
Dangerous Mediations: YouTube, Pop Music and Power in a Philippine Prison Video
Marshall, Melanie L. PhD
Cultural codes and hierarchies in the mid-Cinquecento villotta
Maxwell, Ian PhD
The Chamber Music of EJ Moeran
Moore, Gwen PhD
Ideology, Musical Value and Unequal Opportunity: Backgrounds, Assumptions and Experiences of Students and Lecturers in Irish Higher Education
Exploring the Relevance of Multicultural Music Education to Contemporary Irish Society with Particular Reference to the Experiences and Attitudes of Second Level Music Teachers
Moran, Angela PhD
Sites of Diaspora: The Irish Music of Birmingham
Representing the Black ‘Other’: Issues of Race and Gender in Screen Versions of Bizet's Carmen
Morton, Frances PhD
The Music of What Happens: Spaces of Performance of Irish Traditional Music in Galway City, Ireland
Performing the session: enacted geographies of Irish traditional music
Moulden, John PhD
The printed ballad in Ireland: A guide to the popular printing of songs in Ireland 1760–1920
Neff, Eoghan PhD
At the vanguard of antiquity: Seeking the avant-garde of the Irish fiddle in C20th performance practices
Nicholsen, Michael D. PhD
‘Auld sod’ and new turf: Entertainment, nationalism, and identity in the Irish traditional music community of Chicago, 1868–1999
Ó Briain, Lonán PhD
Hmong Music in Northern Vietnam: Identity, Tradition and Modernity
The Changing Role of Traditional Music in Contemporary Hanoi
OFlynn, John PhD
Perceptions of Irishness in Irish music: A sociological study of national identity and music

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