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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Blunnie, Róisín PhD
The Early Choral Works of Edward Elgar (1857-1934) in the Context of Late-Victorian British Idealism
Active Music-Making and Experience-Based Learning: Recommendations for Second-Level Music Education in Ireland based on Hungarian Practice
Boydell, Barra PhD
Renaissance Windcap Instruments
Doherty, Seán PhD
Solfaing: The Evolution of Four-Syllable Solmization
Donoghue, Celia MLitt
The Duo Sonatas of Johannes Brahms
Farrell, Laura MLitt
Modal practice in the early 17th century with special attention to the music of Heinrich Schutz
Fritz, Rebekka PhD
"Worte klingen, Tone sprechen"? Text and music in German operas of the 1920s
Grimes, Nicole PhD
Brahms's Critics: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Critical Reception of Johannes Brahms
Hennigan, Keith PhD
Interactive Musical Release Formats
Hodgers, Jonathan PhD
'I can tell you fancy, I can tell you plain': Bob Dylan and the Cinematic Image
Hood, Alison Margaret PhD
Chopin's Strategic Integration of Rhythm and Pitch: A Schenkerian Perspective
Houston, Kerry PhD
The Eighteenth-Century Music Manuscripts at St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin: Sources, Lineage and Relationship to other collections
Jackson, George BA
Wagner Performance in the Twentieth Century: A Study of Tempo and ‘Expressive Gesture’ in Two Excerpts from Die Walküre
Jennings, Jarlath MLitt
Can Technology Help Keep Opera Alive and Relevent to 21st Century Audiences in Ireland
Masin, Gwendolyn PhD
Violin Teaching in the New Millennium, In Search of the Lost Instructions of Great Masters — An Examination of Similarities and Differences Between Schools of Playing and How These Have Evolved — or — Remembering the Future of Violin Performance
Power, Sharon Stephanie MLitt
An instrument of psychological warfare and a source of solace; music in the films of Leni Riefenstahl

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