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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Balfe, Aine Other
An exploration of Ian Clarkeís works for multiple flutes
Barkley, Michael Other
Miles Davis and the transition from bebop to cool jazz: A historic and stylistic examination
Barry, Emer Other
The myth of Orpheus in the origin and evolution of opera
Barry, Sarah MA
An assessment of the role of technology in Irish post-primary music education
Blake, John Other
The Role of the Recording Studio in Irish Traditional Music
Boushell, Colette Other
An exploration of exoticism in Maurice Ravelís Cinq melodies populaires grecques and Chansons madecasses
Bowens, Rita Other
A performerís guide to the pedagogical and concert piano repertoire of Marian Ingoldsby
Boylan, Cian Other
Deconstructing Harry: The contribution, influences and piano style of Harry Connick Jr.
Bradshaw, Alan PhD
The Commodification of Music Theorising Musicians
Brady, Cian Other
An analysis of the development of the character of Verdiís Rigoletto, from his origins as Victor Hugoís Triboulet, into one of the most emotionally complex characters in opera
Brophy, David Other
The piano compositions of John Buckley
Brunnock, Patrick Other
Heitor Villa-Lobosí Douze Etudes for guitar: A revised edition.
Butler, Joan Other
The Opera 'Shamus O'Brien' by C.V. Stanford: Concept, Analysis and Cultural Context
Campbell Wallace, Sinead Other
Music versus drama: The enigma of Verdiís Violetta
Charles, Jane PhD
Playing technique and violin timbre: Detecting bad playing
Coady, Michael Other
Multi-lingual practices in modern jazz: their implications for the future of the music
Colleton, Orla Other
An exploration of contemporary Irish composersí use of the poetry of James Joyce in their music
Connolly, David PhD
Development of Large-Scale Plainchant Composition in France after 1850
Charles Tournemire and L'Orgue Mystique - A Study
Conway, Claire MA
How an environment and technology have shaped soundscape music
Crehan, Claire Other
Robert Schumannís piano cycles : a search for meaning
Cullen, Charlie PhD
The Sonic Representation of Mathematical Data
ScoGen software development project
Cunningham, Michaela Other
The concertina style of Paddy Murphy (1913 -1992) and his influence on contemporary concertina styles
Dakin, Ian Other
A French horn playerís physical response to virtual acoustic environments
Davis, Jennifer Other
'Carnival': The Figure of the 'She-male' in Opera
Dorran, David PhD
Audio time-scale modification
Duggan, Bryan MA
Machine annotation of traditional Irish dance music
Dukes, Gwen MPhil
Stylistic and aesthetic issues in selected piano music of Erik Satie
Dunne, Daniel Other
The saxophone quartet music of Ian Wilson
Dunne, Svetlana Rudenko MA
Alexander Scriabin: Russian mystic symbolist composer - complexity of musical analysis in his late one-movement sonata form
Erdei, Peter Other
The string bass in twentieth century jazz: development and evolving function

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