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Thesis Author Degree Type Thesis Title
Bridge, Jillian MA
A study and survey of creativity in the piano lesson and its significance within the examination syllabi in Ireland
Buckley, Maria MA
Music Education in an Irish Context: Perspectives on Musical and Pedagogical Implications of the 1999 Curriculum for Primary Teachers
Carey, Louise MA
A comparison of music policies across commercial radio stations in Ireland
Clune, Maureen MEd
Musical performance as a mnemonic strategy for promoting literacy skills in the context of learning support
Condon, Stephen G. MA
Assessing the Value of Music Technology in the Irish Primary School: A Case Study Approach in a Disadvantaged Context
Cox, Michelle MA
‘What Next’: Exploring the Potential Long-Term and Short-Term Educational Benefits of Outreach Music Composition Projects in Irish Primary Schools
Crowley, Niall MA
An Analysis of Arvo Part's 'Litany'
Cull, Grainne MA
Piano music for children by contemporary Irish composers: an analytical and pedagogical study bason on applied research
Cullen, Matteo PhD
Vagabonds of the western world(s): continuities, tensions and the development of Irish rock music, 1968-78
Positive Vibrations: Musical Communities in African Dublin
Curran, Ian MA
Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Catholic Church Music Reform and its Impact on Ireland
Doyle, Ciara MA
Primary teachers’ experiences of and attitudes to multicultural music education: a case study of urban and rural contexts
Farrell, Hazel PhD
Aspects of Pitch Structure and Pitch Selection in Post War Composition: An Analytical Study of Tonal and Post-tonal Referential Collections in selected works by Irish Composers
The String Quartets of Brian Boydell
Feehan, Una MA
The Correlation between the Decline of the Religious Orders and the Decline of Music in Secondary Schools
Goldsboro, Angela MA
Facing the music: Irish folk song as a site of postcolonial resistance
Greene, Shane MEd
Exploring the goals of the National Children’s Strategy: Our Children-Their Lives (2000) through the implementation of a choral music-making project at primary level
Hally, Lena MA
Understanding the YouTube musician: the four-fold nature of YouTube musical culture
Hayes, Rachel MA
“We’re all in this together”: an ethnographic study of the holistic experience of an Irish school musical
Hilton, Orla MA
In Tune with their Emotions: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Use of Music in the Emotional Development of Children with Special Needs
Magner, Elizabeth
The Irish language in primary education: pedagogical aspects of the application of songs in the teaching of Irish
Mc Loughlin, Úna MA
Towards a creative music classroom: an investigation into teachers’ practice of the composing strand in the Irish primary school
Monaghan, Ita T. MEd
The value of opera in education with specific reference to Irish Primary Schools
Ní Riain, Alma B. BA
Lyrical learning: an action research study investigating the value of integrating song-singing into the Irish language classroom
Shaughnessy, Nicola MA
Sing it in Solfa: the contribution of solfa teaching on primary school children’s music literacy development
Thynne, Carmel MEd
Exploring the value of music technology in the Irish primary school on music education and practice: a case study
Vaughan, Karen A. MA
Exploring the teaching and learning of Irish traditional music and web-based technology in a disadvantaged primary school context
Waldron, Niamh MEd
A Collaborative Study to Enhance the Musical Development of Young Children
Woulfe, Sean MEd
An examination and comparison of the current and proposed primary school music curricula in Ireland

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