Submission Guidelines
Below you will find an overview of what each field in a submission should contain:
Name (Surname, Forename): The name of the thesis author.

Username: A unique identifier/name for the thesis author required by the Register system.

E-mail: Email address which the Register administrator can contact you on.

Password: Required for online registration only.

Verify Password: Required for online registration only.

Current Institution Affiliation: The institution or college where you work or study. This will be included in your 'Contact Details' on the Register.

Public Contact Email: The email address which will be included in your 'Contact Details' on the Register.


Thesis Title: The title of the thesis.

Degree Type: Choose the degree level for which the thesis was completed, e.g. BA, PhD.

Degree Specialism: Choose the specific area of the thesis, e.g. Composition, Musicology, Performance.

Supervisor(s): The name(s) of your thesis supervisor(s).

Thesis Status: Choose whether the thesis is currently in progress, is submitted, or has been accepted.

Date Submitted / Accepted: The date the thesis was submitted or accepted. Not relevant for theses in progress.

Institution Submitting / Submitted To: The institution the thesis was submitted to, or will be submitted to (the latter for theses in progress).

No. of Volumes (no. of pages): Physical number of volumes of the thesis (number of pages in brackets: to take the format #pp.). Example: 1 (190pp.) or 2 (Vol.1 400pp, Vol.2 400pp.) or 1 (34pp. text, 30pp. music). Not relevant for theses in progress.

Approx. Word Count: Enter here approximate word count of your thesis, in the format c.##,### e.g. c.50,000.

Thesis Location / Link: The location of your thesis is usually the library of the institution you submitted to: in this case just state the institution. In some cases, the thesis may be available online on a private website or an institutional repository. For the latter, please provide the web address. Not relevant for theses in progress.

Related Publications: Give publication details of any book or article(s) resulting directly out of your thesis/research. This can include related articles published before completion of the thesis.

THESIS CONTENT (i.e. Index Information)

Persons / Composers: Enter the names of specific people or groups covered in the content of the thesis.

Genres / Musical Instruments: Enter the general genre and or musical instrument which your thesis covers.

Related Institutions: Enter the name of institutions central to the content of your thesis.

Related Places: Enter specific places/areas central to the content of your thesis.

Time Frame: Enter the time period covered by your thesis, e.g. 17th century, 1830-1850, etc.

Key Issues / Concepts: Enter central concepts or issues covered by your thesis.

Abstract: Enter your thesis abstract here.

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