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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I’ve tried to submit my thesis details through the online submission form, but it won’t accept my name. What do I do? 

A. This may happen if your name contains an apostrophe (e.g. O’Brien). Should this happen, continue with your online submission, entering your name without the apostrophe (e.g. O Brien or OBrien). Contact the website coordinator, and they will be able to modify the entry to display correctly on the Register.


Q. I’ve tried to submit my thesis details through the online submission form, but when I pressed ‘Submit’ the form went blank. What happened? 

A. The page will time out if you do not complete the form in one sitting, within a reasonable time frame (like online banking for example). If you are successful in your submission, a confirmation message will appear. If you do not get this confirmation message, please try submitting again.


Q. I’ve submitted my thesis details to the Register, but I cannot find my information either by searching or browsing. Why is this?

A. All submissions must be authenticated and proofread prior to publication. The SMI Music Theses Register administrators will process your submission and will inform you when it is available online.



Q. I’ve searched for O’Connell, but I retrieve no records. I know they’re there - I can see them when I browse. What’s wrong?

A. Using the search term Connell should retrieve those records. (The system doesn’t recognize the apostrophe in the name – it’s a system glitch, and we’re working on it)


Q. I’ve searched the register, pressed the back button on my browser, and now I’m getting an error message saying: ‘The page you are trying to view contains postdata that has expired from the cache […]’. What do I do?

A. Click OK – This should bring you back to your search page without any problems.


Q. I’ve searched the register, but some of my results are irrelevant. Why is that?

A. The system runs full-text searching of whole records. If you used the ‘any words’ search, records will be retrieved that include any of the words you searched for, regardless of whether the other search terms are also included in the record. Try searching by ‘all words’ to retrieve records where all the words are retrieved from the one record, or ‘exact phrase’ if the words searched for are to be retrieved only when they appear together (i.e. Royal Irish Academy of Music).


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